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SAMS Pest Control Melbourne has been serving in Melbourne for over years as a locally owned company. We have employees who honour their work. Our bee exterminator only utilises the best techniques available during our beehive removal. We specialise in the honey bees in walls of houses for both residential and commercial locations. Are you unsure if we will be able to do Bee Removal Melbourne? Call us at 03 4014 9988 for pest treatment in Melbourne.

 Bee Removal Melbourne

Bees can sting and even spread diseases like rabies. For these and other reasons, it is a good idea to contact us if you require bee relocation. Our Bee Removal Melbourne team can serve you in Melbourne and also in nearby suburbs. To get started with a free examination, contact us right now. We are the best choice if you are looking for a bee removal service near me.

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Types of Bees And Wasps We Remove

There are some types of bees and wasps that are very popular species and we control them. We do our method completion with useful techniques and strategies when you book us for Bee Removal Melbourne.

  • Honey Bee (Apis mellifera): The honey bees are about half-inch long and they are hairy bees. Honey bees can grow so fastly and they locate their nests around the cavities of trees, rock formations and buildings. If you see this bee, call us for Bee Removal Services.
  • Bumble Bee (Bombus spp.): You may be very familiar with the buzzing sound of bumble bees and they are up to 200, ½- to 1-inch. They prefer to live under porches and in wall voids.
  • Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa virginica): Carpenter bees are bumble bee look-alikes, they also have shiny, all-black abdomen. Female carpenter bees chew ½-inch to build their nest Male bees guard the nest by buzzing intruders. Their removal can be risky so, call us for the best Carpenter Bee Removal Services in Melbourne.
  • Paper Wasps (Polistes spp.): Paper wasps are also known as “umbrella wasps” because their nest structure is very similar to umbrellas’ appearance. But you can get rid of them with our professional skills. If you are looking for paper wasp removal in Melbourne, contact us for the best services.
  • Yellowjackets (Vespula spp., Paravespula spp.): Yellowjackets can sting people and are aggressive in nature. Often they are mistakenly called “bees,” but they are in fact wasps. To get rid of the problem, dial our toll-free numbers to book the services.
  • Hornets (Dolichovespula maculata and Vespa crabro): Hornets are so-called bald-faced hornets, about ¾-inch long. They are black and white in colour with a white face. They look like yellow jackets but are a little bit big in size. Our Pest Controllers also provide services for hornets and other species of wasps. Our customers can get Wasp Removal services at any time or anywhere in Melbourne.

How Do We Manage BEES and WASPS

The process of bees and wasps removal could be risky for naive people. But if you want to get rid of the problem you can get professional help from our service providers. Our Bee and Wasp Controllers will reach your place after the booking process. Well, here is the brief information about the Bee Removal Melbourne process that you follow while removing the bees and wasps.

  • Inspection Of the area of nests and hives: First of all, we inspect the area and around the property to detect any nest or hive. We check everything and also detect the sign of bee infestation in your home. If we find one, we prepare the process according to the problem.
  • Removal of bees and wasps around: We remove bees and wasps around the property. It is very necessary because bees and wasps are complicated and aggressive in nature and cannot be controlled so easily. So, we remove the Bees around your property thoroughly so we can proceed further with the removal of nests.
  • Removal of nests and bees: The removal of nests and hives is one of the vital parts of our procedure. We carefully do everything to make your house fully protected from bees and wasps. The latest technologies are also a part of the process that we use for The Bee Removal Melbourne task.
  • Destroy the nest, if required: At times, it is required to remove the nest and destroy it. As we mentioned, wasps are very aggressive in nature and we have to destroy their hive. We do this so that they cannot come again to your house as their nature is to find their nest. They can easily find the area where they were building their nest and it is the reason that we have to destroy their nests and prevent them from entering again.
  • Final Inspection: Our Professional Bee Exterminators also do the final inspection so that we can check your property and around it, there is no single bee or wasp disturbing your lifestyle by creating problems for you. We complete the whole procedure with professionalism and with all safety precautions tips.

How Do Bees Work To Build Their Nest?

With the help of wood fibres, the queen bee builds a nest. Queen bee uses saliva to break down the wood fibres and convert them into soft paper pulp. Then, their fellow bees help to complete the process of building nests with paper pulp. They basically convert it into multiple hexagonal cells which seem to survive.

Likewise, we remove their nest professionally by using the latest technologies without harming anyone. Well, we are always available at your service for the requirements regarding Bee Removal Melbourne.

Want Services in Emergency or On the Same-day, Call us For Fast Bees and Wasp Removal 

Our traditional company, SAMS Pest Control Melbourne, is the best pest control company that is available 24/7 hours to provide you with same-day bee removal services. We give you the fastest treatment for making your home pest-free and wasp free. If you book experts from our company, we will send our team as soon as possible. Even if you demand the Emergency Bee and Wasp Control Services in Melbourne, you can get this facility without any extra charge. Just need to tell your problem and get the best solution for bees.


Q.1 What animal kills bees?

Bee-eaters, honey-buzzards, flycatchers, shrikes greater, badgers, honeyguides, and crab spiders eat Bees.  But they are also harmful to humans.

Q.2 Do you have the experience of removing bees?

Yes, our professionals have many years of experience dealing with bees and wasps. We have more than 25 years of knowledge and experience.

Q.3 What is the best way to remove bees?

Ways to remove bees from the property. 1. Use a bee spray, store-bought bee removal sprays eliminate bees by affecting their nervous system. 2. Install an electric bug zapper. 3. Use vinegar-based solutions to spray on them. 4. Use powder dust to affect their nervous system and kill them. 5. Plant bee repelling plants. 6. Light a citronella candle.

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